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Our LDS artists have created a unique product. Give us a photo of you in your missionary attire and we will capture your image in many unique ways. Every purchase goes to help support LDS artists in 2nd and 3rd world countries (central and south america)

Our artists draw you from a supplied photo, then draw in the prophet beside you.

If you supply our artists a group photo we can render everyone and draw in the savior in your midst.


Our artists can also render you wearing the whole Armor of God! A constant reminder of the important service to the Lord you rendered.


1. Look at the options. Find one that you like best !

2. Look through your own photos to find pictures that best match the "pose" for that option. Or, simply take new pictures to approximate the pose you want.

3. Send these in, along with the down-payment. Add additional instructions, if any: "Lydia is 5'10. Please make her hair 3" longer than this photo."

4. An Artist will get with you to confirm details.

5. The Artist will create and render the picture, and send you a proof.

6. You accept the proof, and pay the balance for your order. The artist sends you the full digital file for your picture.

7. You are free to make copies, prints or enlargements for your family use.

8. You're so happy with your results that you start again !

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